Alu-Cab Tilting Fridge Slide
  • Alu-Cab Tilting Fridge Slide

    Alu-Cab’s new Tilting Fridge Slide now operates as a straight pull out slide, and it has the option to tilt. This means you have the advantage of a fridge slide that runs on stainless steel runners with sealed stainless-steel bearings. This product offers maximum strength with the ability to carry greater loads, with greater resistance to dust and the harsh off-road conditions.


    With double locking pins, it is secured firmly in place when locked in position –  with no risk of the fridge slide breaking free when the road gets rough.


    The fridge slide allows easier access when the fridge is positioned at height. It also helps to clear the canopy or back doors when there isn’t space to open the lid. Built from both Stainless Steel and Aluminium, this tilting fridge slide offers good strength without adding excessive weight.


    Dimensions and Weight:



    External dimensions: 782mm x 525mm

    Usable dimensions: 720mm x 440mm




    External dimensions: 863mm x 585mm

    Usable dimensions: 800mm x 500mm




    External dimensions: 963mm x 635mm

    Usable dimensions: 900mm x 550mm


      PriceFrom $449.00