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The Alu-Cab Canopy

Looking for a solid Truck Cap can honestly be one of the most daunting things you have to do. Especially when you are taking into consideration the needs you will have while out overlanding.

  • What weight can it hold?

  • Can I mount Load Bars?

  • Will I have enough Storage?

  • How do the windows open?

  • How durable is it for the elements?

  • How heavy is it? Can my suspension handle it?

The list is literally endless. Take into considerations those that utilize full camp kitchens, refrigeration, roof top tents, etc. Yeah, we know your head is probably spinning at this point.

But the good thing here is that we have an amazing solution that answers literally all of these questions!

Enter, the Alu-Cab Canopy. This canopy is designed for Gladiator, Tacoma & Colorado and is built with aluminum alloy to give it a superior strength to weight ratio. These canopies don't rust, are light weight, and can handle 330lbs directly to the roof. Add in load bars are you're set for the Roof Top Tent as well!

Especially when adding load bars, but even with out, you can mount just about anything to these canopies utilizing Front Runner Mounting components. The canopies are designed with tracks along the upper exterior edges, as well as lining the interior roof that take M8 cup square bolts just like the Front Runner designs. This means mounting points, tie downs, Awnings, recovery boards, kayaks - you name it, you can mount it.

The window panels of the canopies are another fascinating feature. The struts are designed for them to open only as high as your mounting point for things like shower cubes and awnings. That means no more fighting with sliding windows, or bungy cording them tight so they don't get destroyed by crashing into your mounted accessories. Those days of having to find work arounds for your rig are over. They even have full length center flex water proof hinges. What on earth is that you might ask? It's amazing is what it is. You won't have to worry about the elements getting inside your canopy, because Alu-Cab has already designed the hinges specifically to address that! The water simply runs down the length of the hinge and runs off down to the terrain. Wonderful!

As for storage - not only can you easily mount whatever you need to the interior roof, but you also have the option to convert the side windows in to storage cupboards, add a camp kitchen, prep or camping tables, etc. Plus, pair this with a solid set of bed drawers and the Alu-Cab fridge slide and you are set for your next overland adventure!

Contact us to get yours customized today!

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