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Our Newest Partnership!

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Everyone meet Alu-Cab...

If you’re looking for the ultimate Overland Vehicle - look no further.

Now it doesn’t really matter if you’re driving a Toyota, a Jeep, a Land Rover, etc… you see where we are going with this. It only matters that you’re set up for success. And this is where our newest partnership with Alu-Cab comes in!

After years in the South African Adventure Market, Alu-Cab learned that space and weight are the most important components to an Overland Journey. They are also seemingly the largest hurdles faced for those that take long and versatile trips. Alu-Cab developed and engineered lightweight aluminum solutions that quickly developed into what we know and love today, all with Adventure Travelers in mind.

With everything from Roof Top Tents and Campers to 270º Awnings and Fridge Sliders - Your all around camping solution can be customized to meet your needs! Alu-Cab has done an amazing job of taking the journey’s of thousands, and transforming it into compact solutions.

Shop some of the Alu-Cab Overland Solutions here.


“Of course, we’d love to claim the credit, but our Alu-Cab journey is all thanks to you, our supporters. Literally millions of off-road miles have been travelled across Africa, Australia, Europe, and the Americas: endless tracks created by a community of Alu-Cab users who contribute to the brand with their travel experience, product feedback, and wish-lists that show what the market may be missing. No individual company could possibly match that level of community-based field testing.” - Alu-Cab


Now we come back - the ultimate Overland Vehicle - could be yours! Trailtec 4x4 is proud to announce that we have partnered with Alu-Cab to officially be a dealer for the Mid Atlantic Region! So what does this mean for you? You now have easier access to their products and the ability to have them masterfully installed right here in the Richmond Virginia area. Contact our Sales department today for your free consultation and custom estimate.

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